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Incinerators / Machines

Our waste management incinerators are fully CE certified ensuring that we meet the highest standards in safety, construction and environment.

General Waste Incinerators
These incinerators are tailored for multipurpose waste and can be used for general waste, municipal waste, animal waste and medical waste. All our models are CE certified, ensuring that we meet the highest standards in health and safety, construction and environment. . We apply highest standards to our product range, which allows them to operate 24/7, ensuring highest efficiency in the most economical way.
Medical Waste Incinerators
Our medical range of incinerators are designed to cater for the economical needs of small clinics to the more demanding and specialized requirements of large hospitals in their waste management. We utilize the highest combustion technology to provide complete nitrogen oxides (NOx) control. The medical range guarantee’s the removal of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), cobalt (CO), Dioxins, and Furans to ensure the highest standards in medical waste management.
Animal Waste Incinerators
We produce high quality animal, marine and poultry waste incinerators. These models which meet the EU and U. K. ABPR regulations for animal and poultry by-product incineration.
High Capacity Waste Incinerators
Our large capacity incinerators offer an immediate and sustainable centralized waste management solution with energy recovery available as a retro fit option.
The high capacity range of incinerators are built using high grade structural steel with high temperature refractory lining rated to 1600◦C with up to 2 second gas retention as standard – We offer diverse burn rates starting from 150kgs per hour to 60 tons per hour.



  •  General Waste Incinerators 
  •  Solid Waste Incinerators 
  •  Medical Waste Incinerators 
  •  Animal Waste Incinerators 
  •  Large Waste Incinerators 


  •  Brick Cutting Machine/Cutting Wheels 
  •  Gunniting Machines 
  •  Shotcreting Machines 
  •  Welding Machines